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Barry Goldwater is a well-known local expert in the matters of retirement and retirement income planning. Since 1985, Barry has helped people in Boston and throughout Massachusetts retire safely and securely. His clients include retirees from every walk of life, from public servants to small business owners and beyond. In fact, not one of Mr. Goldwater's clients has ever lost money in the stock market while working with him.

As a retirement and income planning specialist, he assists retirees and those about to retire, protects their savings, reduces income taxes & taxes on social security benefits, and creates a retirement income guaranteed to last as long as they do. Barry is an insurance fiduciary and has consistently pledged to put his client's needs above his own.

Barry is a graduate of the University of Florida, majoring in finance. Barry has been married to Nitza for over 30 years. They ironically met at a disco and currently reside in Boston. Barry enjoys working with wood and playing with his granddaughter in his spare time.

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Barry Goldwater

Goldwater Financial Group

1 Upland Woods Circle

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(617) 527-9736

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